The importance of having a proper education is undeniable, and it should be reachable and equal for everyone without any obstacles. Around the World, many people do not have a qualified education or do not have any education at all. Many educators neglect the universality of knowledge and the reality of how dynamic knowledge and its learning strategies are. Some of them are behind the times, or they are just loyal traditionalists when it comes to education. These are some reasons why the World fails to have an equal but fair system in general. People tend to forget that education is the basis of all political systems. Education brings awareness, comprehension, identification, and differentiation. In this way, first individual and then communal existence improves. This lets establishing a healthy sociological and political environment for successful systems at every level of life.

The 21st century comes with countless innovations and opportunities, but still many people cannot get them because of wrong policies and primitive systems. Education is also a problem around the World. People who hold the power are weak to match and apply innovative and healthy systems which improve and value learners. Many countries still fail to apply the learner-centred approaches, and they do not understand the importance of using games as a teaching tool, Gamification. The activeness of the learner and the educational outcomes of games are neglected. Both of them are supporting the improvement of the critical and practical thinking skills of learners. In this century, we have many technological advancements to apply to teaching and education in general. The Internet becomes the source of various information and as a tool for improving knowledge; gaming is another tool that puts the learner in the centre of active learning. Both of these tools limit each other to avoid unnecessary outcomes, such as information pollution on the internet. Games with their rules and structure create a safer, fair, and healthier atmosphere for learners; in this way, information pollution is avoided.

In Polity, we are developing a metaverse. This metaverse will ensure education with the help of games. The metaverse we are working on is filtered information pollution to give a healthy learning experience. It will be reachable around the World because we are aware of impossibilities and unfairness. In this sense, we want to establish a system above the current system to avoid power-related interests, especially cultural or political ones. The universality and being on the side of science and knowledge lead us to create something beyond, to diminish the problem that the World has: Ignorance, poverty, injustice, and misleading and corrupted systems. Education is the key to overcoming them and standing against them. We shape our ideas on it while creating this game: Focusing on education and gamifying it. In this process, we are planning to give the basic knowledge about the professions the game has in it: Farming, forestry, and presidency. The players will have an idea of what they are doing and the learning will be actualized during the gaming. They can internalize the profession and learn its basics while playing the game. The texts and mini-games for the professions will assist the players in their learning journey.

Seeing the beyond is our vision to prepare a better tomorrow. Education within a game is the way to prepare for a brighter future. A better future can be established by being visionary and actualizing opportunities for others. Let people step forward from the reality they are trapped in and experience the opportunities given by a designed virtual world for them. We should give what people already need to have, there should not be any obstacles, if there are any, we need to remove them. As a result, we can improve and build a healthy society and future.