POLITY - v1.0.5 : Changelog


[1.0.5] - 2021-12-29


-Added a new University panel and Bank panel.

-Added a Skip Tutorial option as a toggle at the avatar creation screen.

-Added a Brain Panel.

-Added the “Show on Map” button for the avatar’s owned places.

-Added a “New!” sign for the new quests.


-Changed panels on the Map: Planet and Country.

-Changed the pace of UI animations.

-Changed the look of the platform the avatar demonstrated.

-Changed the type size on the Hint Screens.

-Changed the place of the “Home Sweet Home” quest.

-Changed the look of the Quest Details.

-Changed the place of the Tutorial panel and became Tips on the Settings.

-Changed the location title’s place on the gaming screen.

-Changed the demonstration of unlocked items and rewards.


-Fixed the bug in the University panel.

-Fixed the bug in the Level Up panel and the rewards.

-Fixed bugs that occurred during the Skip tutorial.

-Fixed the bug in the Country Info panel.

-Fixed the bug in the Tutorial panel.

-Fixed the bug in in-game doors.

-Fixed the bug in planting trees.

-Fixed the bug in the Quest Complete UI animation.

-Fixed the bug in the Order Board and new orders.

-Fixed the bug in the Waypoint.

-Fixed the bug in the Map Legend Panel.

-Fixed the bug in tooltips on the Shop Panel.

-Fixed the bug in hairs in the Hair Salon.

-Fixed the bug in the NPC sounds.

-Fixed the bug in walking.

-Fixed the bug in given commands on the Map.

-Fixed the bug of clashing two pieces of music played during creating an avatar.

-Fixed the bug in the data of the total cost of shopping.

-Fixed the bug in receiving quests.

Working On

-Working on the in-game Map to improve the gaming experience.

-Working on the current Storage/Inventory/Backpack bugs.

-Working on the quest system and its variety to get the in-game world.

-Working on the balance system to develop the game dynamic.

-Working on the variety of NPC dialogues.

-Working on improving the Presidency System.

-Working on more UI animations.

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