POLITY - v1.0.6 : Changelog


[1.0.6] - 2022-01-13


-Added a new hand-held object: Confetti.

-Added new clothes: Police Uniform and its hat, BD-2 Prisoner, Scrubs and Surgical Caps, and Firefighter Uniform and its hat.

-Added a new feature: Win-Win Invitation and its coupon.

-Added a new feature: the fill rate of the Backpack.

-Added a new tutorial for Waypoint. 

-Added a new presentation for platform connection points.

-Added a new sound for zoom in and out for the Map.

-Added new tabs in the Clothes button: Hair and Brow.

-Added new avatar animation in the Sports Center.

-Added the refund amount on the refund notifications.

-Added a default Polity flag for newly established countries.


-Changed the sound of the President’s announcement.

-Changed the look of the “Add Slot” panel. 

-Changed the look of the “Split” panel.

-Changed the look of the “Expand Capacity” panel.

-Changed the look of the “Focus” mode and the main huds.

-Changed the duration of clothes obtained from the gift boxes.

-Changed the way of moving furniture(instead of a long click, there will be just a click to move).

-Changed the available footprint representation of objects and furniture.

-Changed the highlight indication of some quests.

-Changed the representation of the purchased package’s items in chat.

-Changed the setting of NPC sounds.

-Changed the Forestry machine sounds into 2D.

-Changed the automatic dual profession adding in the Presidency.

-Changed the amount of Country Balance for the newly established countries.

-Changed the “Establish Country” panel.


-Fixed the bug in tooltips of rewards of the “Level Up” panel.

-Fixed the bug in the footprint representation while moving objects.

-Fixed the bug in switching in the “Focus” mode.

-Fixed the bug in chopping trees.

-Fixed the bug in a costume.

-Fixed the bug in removing the furniture.

-Fixed the bug in the contest reward.

-Fixed the bug in the profile likes.

-Fixed the bug in the growth of crops.

-Fixed bugs in the Leaderboard.

-Fixed the bug in the Room Shop.

-Fixed the bug in the head emojis.

-Fixed the bug in the Backpack fill rate.

-Fixed the bug in the duration of clothes.

Working On

-Working on the in-game Map to improve the gaming experience.

-Working on a social deduction game.

-Working on the quest system and its variety to get the in-game world.

-Working on the balance system to develop the game dynamic.

-Working on the variety of NPC dialogues.

-Working on improving the Presidency System.

-Working on more UI animations.

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