POLITY - v1.0.7 : Changelog


[1.0.7] - 2022-01-26


-Added a new feature: Speech Bubble with Three Dots while texting on the chat.

-Added new UI highlights for quests.

-Added a new feature: The Level and Profession Icon will be demonstrated next to the avatar name.

-Added new clothes: Nurse Cap, Judge Wig and Rope, Thug Glasses, Cowboy Hat,

-Added category tags for quests.

-Added the pop-up of “Trade Wars” on the planet map.

-Added new construction notifications for citizens and presidents.

-Added a signboard in front of construction sites.

-Added a tax-rate section for receipts(Boutiques, Fashion Stores,Hair Salons, Hardware Shops, Grocery Stores, and Sports Centers).

-Added a new “Equip/Unequid” sound.

-Added new sounds for “Trading”.

-Added the online citizen count of countries that will be demonstrated on the planet map.

-Added a new feature: Music Set in the Nightclub.

-Added a new feature: Option Shortcuts for dialogues.

-Added a new sound for dragging items from the Backpack unnecessarily.


-Changed the location of the “Shop” button in “Decorating”.

-Change the look of “Sandal” and it became “Travel Pier” with its new look.

-Changed the panels of “Establish Country”,“Fast Travel”, and “University”.

-Changed the demonstration of the owned place in the “Lobby” panel.

-Changed the sizes of “Lumber Machine” and “Wood Charcoal Machine”.

-Changed the look of the “like”.

-Changed looks of “Cacao”, “Tomato”, “Bell Pepper”, “Sunflower”, “Chili Pepper”, “Soybean”, and “Carrot”. 

-Changed the eye brow icons.


-Removed the “Presidency” section from the University panel to avoid misunderstandings. 


-Fixed the bug in opening gift boxes in the Backpack.

-Fixed the bug in the notification of the paid amount.

-Fixed bugs in the Mercantile Contest Event.

-Fixed the bug in the Metro Station Construction Site.

-Fixed the bug in planting trees.

-Fixed the bug in collecting and crafting items.

-Fixed the bug in entering newly opened places.

-Fixed the bug in the Market Stalls.

-Fixed the bug in trading an object which can be held.

-Fixed the bug in clicking on the current country.

-Fixed the bug in the notifying sound of trying to visit a country.

-Fixed the bug in the level up category.

-Fixed the bug in switches between the current profession and “Decorating”.

-Fixed the bug in pricing of For Sale places.

-Fixed the bug in interacting with the Map while in “Focus” state.

-Fixed the bug in changing clothes.

-Fixed the bug in moving out.

-Fixed bugs in the Election feature.

-Fixed the bug in sitting on a chair.

-Fixed the bug in the “Chat Settings” button.

-Fixed the bug in the chat balloon.

-Fixed the bug in the profession badges.

-Fixed the bug in the “Orange Persian Carpet”.

Working On

-Working on improving the Presidency System.

-Working on the balance system to develop the game dynamic.

-Working on creating a BD-2 Guide for the players in the game.

-Working on a new craft-machine.

-Working on the in-game Map to improve the gaming experience.

-Working on a social deduction game.

-Working on the quest system and its variety to get the in-game world.

-Working on more UI animations.

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