POLITY - v1.0.9 : Changelog


[1.0.9] - 2022-02-23


-Added new objects: Balloons and Balloon Archway. 

-Added new sounds: Travelling on the Map (Sailing Sound), Mercantile Ship Coming and Leaving (Ship Hoot Sound), Creating Avatar Ambiance Sound, Focus Mode Sound, and NPC Dialogue Ambiance Sound. 

-Added new pages in BD-2 guide on ‘Classic Bookshelf’: “Recycling and Disposing” and “Blueprints”. 

-Added a new section in Tasks: ‘Reward’ (This section keeps earned gift boxes and blueprints when there is no available space in Backpack). 

-Added a new section on Tasks: ‘Country’ to see and track the Country quests.

-Added a new feature in Decorating mode: Visible floor spaces and their availability. 

-Added new icons for farming actions: Fruit Basket (For Trees) and Bee Smoker (For Beehive).

-Added a new creating avatar background.

-Added the output of the Tree Stage shown on a tree while chopping as an adjustment of the previous mouseover.


-Changed the Beehive icon. 

-Changed where the elevator panel opens on the screen.

-Changed each title of the Tree Stages.

-Changed the colour of the Last Product sign on the Order (Yellow to Red).

-Changed the specific location of ‘Country Settings’ to the dual location: on the Country Map and IDPhone in E-Citizen App.

-Changed the look of adding crops on the field in farming.

-Changed other avatars’ profile panels by adding ‘Trade’, ‘Add Friend’, and ‘Block’ buttons.

-Changed the look of Level bars.

-Changed the look of ready-to-be-opened constructions (Balloons and ribbon will be the top of them). 

-Changed the icon of Wood Panel.

-Changed the map icon of Grocery Store/Market.

-Changed the look of Tailor, Banker, Registrar, Cashier, Plumber, Warden, and Constructor.

-Changed the colour of the Cancel, Rotation, Apply button. 

-Changed the look of the Room Shops.

-Changed the stable place of Chat (It will move by opening a panel).


-Removed some mushrooms in the Farm Shop to avoid any confusion with the collectable mushrooms on platforms. 

-Removed the screen-oriented avatar profile (The avatar profile will be opened to do ‘Trade’, ‘Add Friend’, and ‘Block’ actions).


-Fixed the bug in the floor space of Honey Extractor in farming. 

-Fixed the bug in the sound of putting back action of the Sickle in farming.

-Fixed the bug in the E-Citizen App.

-Fixed the bug in the possible result of leaving country action.

-Fixed the bug in the on-Map actions.

-Fixed the bug in the Basket page of Shop panel.

-Fixed the bug in placing recently opened buildings.

-Fixed the bug in the link between Chat settings and IDPhone settings.

-Fixed the size of the Blueprint panel.

-Fixed the bug in rotating objects.

-Fixed the bug in the Nauseated head emoji.

-Fixed the bug in the production stage animation of the Honey Extractor machine in farming.

-Fixed bugs in the elevator of the University and the exit of the Fire Station.

Working On

-Working on improving the Presidency System.

-Working on the balance system to develop the game dynamic.

-Working on creating a BD-2 Guide for the players in the game.

-Working on a new craft machine.

-Working on the in-game Map to improve the gaming experience.

-Working on a social deduction game.

-Working on the quest system and its variety to get the in-game world.

-Working on more UI animations.

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