POLITY - v1.1.0: Changelog


[1.1.0] - 2022-03-09


-Added a notification sign on Tasks’ Tabs.

-Added new dance moves that you can purchase from the Sports Center.

-Added a new Nightclub map icon.

-Added a new notification to notify players when entering an unfurnished Forestry/Farm place (after purchasing there).

-Added a Push to Talk option to the Chat.


-Changed the look of NPCs: Barman, Counsellor, Tailor, Tutor, Attache, Doctor, Secretary, Courier, Hairdresser, Professor, Nurse, Greeter, Greeter, Archivist, Grocery Clerk, Clerk, and Firefighter.  

-Changed the subtypes of action to categorize them better.

-Changed the look of the Cardboard to avoid confusion with other objects.

-Changed the opening of a gift box UI animation.

-Changed the Avatar Select by adding Avatar animations.

-Changed the sound of the Focus mode. 

-Changed the Message and Friends on the IDPhone.

-Changed the map icons of Farming, Forestry, and Airport.


-Fixed the bug in the Shortcut Screen.

-Fixed the bug in the Country Wallet.

-Fixed the bug in the Level Up Rewards.

-Fixed the bug in updating the tooltip of Location Info after renewing the location title.

-Fixed the bug in the look of Tailor’s eyes.

-Fixed the bug in the action of copying and removing furniture.

-Fixed the bug in replacing the Order Board in the Farm place.

-Fixed the bug in the Head Spin action.

-Fixed the bug in the door interaction of entering or leaving a location.

-Fixed the bug in the floor space of the Log Cabin.

-Fixed the bug in planting another Fruit Tree after a dead one.

-Fixed the bug in the Quest Complete UI text of Complete the Order quest.

-Fixed the bug in the Airport inside.

-Fixed the bug in occurring when clicking on Map Screen, the Chat Screen is open.

-Fixed the bug in gained XP from the Mercantile Contest.

-Fixed the bug in travelling on the Map.

-Fixed the bug in the Sports Center map icon.

-Fixed the bug in the Chat Balloons. 

-Fixed the bug in scrolling on the Shop. 

-Fixed the bug in the notification sign of the Tasks button.

-Fixed the bug in canceling the copied furniture.

Working On

-Working on developing the Presidency Quest System

-Working on testing new features that were added in the Governing System.

-Working on the balance system of the Presidency and Citizenship to improve the game dynamic.

-Working on creating a BD-2 Guide for the players in the game.

-Working on a new craft machine.

-Working on the in-game Map to improve the gaming experience.

-Working on a social deduction game.

-Working on the quest system and its variety to get the in-game world.

-Working on more UI animations.

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