POLITY - v1.1.3: Changelog


[1.1.3] - 2022-04-21


-Added new feedback for the shops in Hair Salons, Boutiques, and Fashion Stores: Showing the duration of the owned object.

-Added a Leaderboard App on IDPhone.


-Changed the minor representations on the Country, Presidency, and Citizenship Settings.

-Changed the minor representation on the ‘IDPhone’.


-Improved the decoration feature.


-Fixed the bug in the Mercantile Ship’s floor.

-Fixed the bug in moving the Profession Place to another country.

-Fixed the bug in the Message Screen.

-Fixed minor bugs in the For Sale places.

-Fixed the bug in ‘Friends’ in the IDPhone.

-Fixed the bug in the mouse cursor behaviors while playing on macOS.

-Fixed the bug in representing the Level Unlock Objects when leveled up.

-Fixed the bug in dropping objects in a single place more than once.

-Fixed the bug in purchasing and wearing hairstyles and brows in the Hair Salon.

-Fixed the bug that happens when a player clicks on the ‘Apply’ button in Customization without changing anything on the avatar.

-Fixed the bug in the Leaderboard.

-Fixed the bug in the collecting crops range of Farm Trees.

-Fixed the bug in the ingame purchase screen in the Blue ATM. 

-Fixed the bug in the confirmation text box after expanding the Backpack pages.

-Fixed the bug in having the 'Action' button when purchasing an animation.

-Fixed the bug that happens to the ‘Chat’ when a player is in the ‘Focus’ mode.

-Fixed the bug that occurs when the Backpack is full, the gift a player picks remains in limbo.

-Fixed the bug that occurs when a player does the split action more than once in a minute.

-Fixed the bug in the Banker Side Quest.

Working On

-Working on developing the NPC quests.

-Working on testing new features that were added in the Governing System.

-Working on the balance system of the Presidency and Citizenship to improve the game dynamic.

-Working on creating a BD-2 Guide for the players in the game.

-Working on a new craft machine.

-Working on the quest system and its variety to get the in-game world.

-Working on more UI animations.

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