POLITY - v1.1.5: Changelog


[1.1.5] - 2022-05-25


-Added new feedback screens (Becoming Citizen, Purchasing New Location, and Leaving Country).

-Added tooltips for shop panels.

-Added a new sound for the Dialogue Panel (Approving).

-Added the avatar pictures on “Leaderboard”, “Citizen List”, and “Friends”.

-Added a new loading screen: Clouds.

-Added a new value table for the crops.


-Improved “Friends” in the IDPhone.

-Improved current feedback screens (Receiving Gift Boxes, Level Up, Contest Result, Quest Complete, Becoming President).

-Improved the Location Info Panel.

-Improved the avatar animation of holdable objects.

-Improve the room design actions and buttons.

-Improved the Gift Box Screen.

-Improved the washing hands animation.


-Fixed the bug in the camera zoom.

-Fixed the bug in the Citizen Registration Panel.

-Fixed bugs in the Loading and Login Screens.

-Fixed the bug in “Audio” and “Account” on the Settings Panel.

-Fixed the bug in trees in Farming.

-Fixed the bug in putting objects on tables.

-Fixed bugs in creating the avatar.

-Fixed the bug in the Location Info Panel.

-Fixed the bug in putting on any clothes.

-Fixed the bug in the representation of currency on the Gift Box Screen.

-Fixed the bug in the Map Screen.

-Fixed the bug in the highlighted buttons.

Working On

-Working on developing the NPC quests.

-Working on testing new features that were added to the Governing System.

-Working on the balance system of the Presidency and Citizenship to improve the game dynamic.

-Working on creating a BD-2 Guide for the players in the game.

-Working on a new craft machine.

-Working on the quest system and its variety to get the in-game world.

-Working on more UI animations.

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