POLITY - v1.6.1 : Changelog


[1.6.1] - 2022-09-28


-Added new sounds for Hydroelectric Power Plant Sound, Clean Water Station Sound, and Recycling Plant.  

-Added new popups for Focus Mode and Expand Backpack to explain their purpose.

-Added new sounds for Avatar Follow/Focus button and swiping right to left on Change Avatar screen.

-Added new chat balloons and smileys.


-Improved UI of the Shop Panels. 

–Improved the Notifications.

-Improved Metro Stations’ visuals on the Map.

-Improved the Quest Rewards representation by adding sounds.

-Improved the Leaderboard by adding new Top 3 icons.

-Improved the Map UI.

-Improved new quests.


-Removed the changing Country name.

-Removed some quests. 


-Fixed translation-related bugs.

-Fixed bugs on the Main Game Screen.

-Fixed minor bugs in Quest Steps’ Panel.

-Fixed the Intro Subtitles.

-Fixed the bug in the Room Info Panel.

-Fixed the bug on the Level Bars.

-Fixed minor bugs in Quest-related UI Animations.

-Fixed the bug in stalls.

-Fixed minor bugs in quests.

-Fixed the bug in the Order Board.

-Fixed minor bugs on the Map.

-Fixed the bug in the Dialogue Screen.

-Fixed minor bugs on Profile Panel.

-Fixed minor bugs in Location and Profession Shops.

Working On

-Working on developing the NPC quests.

-Working on adding new badges and achievements.

-Working on the balance system of the Polity Level to improve the game dynamic.

-Working on the Animation and Action system of NPCs.

-Working on improving the current UIs.

-Working on the quest system and its variety to get to the in-game world.

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