POLITY - v1.9.0: Changelog


[1.9.0] - 2022-11-09


-Added a new currency for the Presidency (President Wallet): Imperium.

-Added a new sound which will be played after upgrading a machine.

-Added new sounds for the Black Grand Piano (Available on the Room/House Shop).

-Added new items: Beds, Hats, Park Furniture, and Clothes.

-Added new heademojis.


-Improved the Fast Travel button.

-Improved the loading scene of Map.

-Improved the panels which have the Upgrade button.

-Improved some buttons (FAQ and Move).

-Improved the display of the badges in general.

-Improved the Destination Point.

-Improved the quest icon and created different icons for each quest type.

-Improved the Focus button and Focus Mode related buttons.

-Improved the Tree State Duration.

-Improved options on the avatar profile in Friends.

-Improved the Report and Giftbox Screens.

-Improved the dead fruit tree’s state in Farming.


-Removed the Remove All to avoid some cases until it’s fixed (For Presidents).


-Fixed the bug that occurred once a player interacted with a field.

-Fixed the bug in the Local Market Stalls in Oceanides.

-Fixed the bug in the button colour in Forestry Complex.

-Fixed the bug in the Country Level: Tier.

-Fixed the bug that occurred trying to deselect a workbench by clicking a free area.

-Fixed minor translation bugs.

-Fixed the bug in the timing of flying UI objects.

-Fixed minor bugs in Backpack.

-Fixed the bug in deselecting a heademoji.

-Fixed the bug in the sorting fruits and vegetables game.

-Fixed minor bugs related to Destination Point.

-Fixed minor bugs on the Avatar Selection Screen.

-Fixed the bug that occurred once a player had a quest from Firefighter.

-Fixed minor bugs in Metro Station.

-Fixed minor bugs related to the Country Management Panel.

-Fixed UI scale related bugs.

-Fixed minor bugs in ‘Report a Bug’ (on IOS).

-Fixed minor bugs in the Quest Details Panel.

-Fixed the bug in ‘Citizen Fund and Backpack!’ quest.

Working On

-Working on developing and varying the NPC quests.

-Working on adding new badges and achievements.

-Working on the balance system of the Polity Level to improve the game dynamic.

-Working on the Presidency and Government Management.

-Working on the Animation and Action system of NPCs.

-Working on improving the current UIs.

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