POLITY - v1.9.2: Changelog


[1.9.2] - 2022-12-07


-Added a quest arrow for exits to point out the way out.

-Added a hologram for each under-constructed building.

-Added a new feature: Exchange and Contribute actions in the Bank Panel.


-Improved the Planet look on the Map (Planet Map).

-Improve the Farming colour.

-Improved the Seed to Tree quest by adding a step (Click on Focus Mode).

-Improved the Map.

-Improved the waypoint in general.

-Improved the NPC quests (Duration Time is arranged).

-Improved the Country Panel.

-Improved the product info: Where a player can find and how to craft a product.

-Improved the Public Stall related notifications.

-Improved many indicators: Quest signs, Exit signs, etc.

-Improved the NPC quest panel.


-Removed the opening of a garbage bag panel.


-Fixed the bug in opening the gift boxes.

-Fixed the bug in moving out of an owned house.

-Fixed the bug in the stages of a stall.

-Fixed minor bugs in Selecting Avatar Screen.

-Fixed the bug in the Craft Button.

-Fixed the bug in the Avatar State.

-Fixed the bug that occurred once an avatar reached the quest destination.

-Fixed minor bugs in quests.

-Fixed a bug in the elevator.

-Fixed a sound bug in one of the Municipality.

-Fixed minor bugs in the Presidency.

-Fixed the bug in trading.

-Fixed the bug in the new contest notification.

-Fixed the bug in buildings.

Working On

-Working on developing and varying the NPC quests.

-Working on adding new badges and achievements.

-Working on the balance system of the Polity Level to improve the game dynamic.

-Working on the Presidency and Government Management.

-Working on the Animation and Action system of NPCs.

-Working on improving the current UIs.

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