POLITY - v1.9.3: Changelog


[1.9.3] - 2022-12-23


-Added new roads.

-Added new plants.

-Added flower beds.

-Added new benches.

-Added new statues.

-Added new columns.

-Added new cosmetic items: Angel Wings, Trident, Angel’s Bow.

-Added Mangrove Habitat and components.

-Added some of the missing item components.

-Added Korean, Thai, and Japanese chat language support.


-Improved some dialogues. 

-Improved the Hints on the loading screen.

-Improved chest interactions.

-Improved server optimization.

-Improved voice chat.

-Improved the gift-opening interaction.

-Improved some buttons.

-Improved the beekeeping process by enlarging the Hives and Honey Extractor.

-Improved the governing features under the IDPhone, named as E-Citizen


-Removed the country management features on the map from the ‘Country Setting’ panel. (Except for ‘Avatar List’ and ‘Allies’).


-Fixed the bug of resolution of the material details panel.

-Fixed a bug in the Profile panel.

-Fixed a bug in the quest panel.

-Fixed the scroll-related bugs.

-Fixed translation-related bugs.

-Fixed the bugs related to the ticket system.

-Fixed a bug causing an error in the loading order on the workbench.

-Fixed the bug on the materials panel not closing when necessary.

-Fixed the quest bug of ‘Citizen Fund and Backpack’

-Fixed the bug in the Exchange Panel.

-Fixed bugs related to sound effects.

-Fixed the bug on the Forestry focus mode.

-Fixed the timer on the Mercantile Dock.

-Fixed the chat bugs.

-Fixed bugs related to item swapping, stacking, and splitting.

-Fixed the tax change bugs in the presidency.

-Fixed the NPCs disappearing bug.

-Fixed the account securitization process interfering with trading in market stalls.

-Fixed bug on the Greeter.

-Fixed the backpack bugs.

-Fixed the Citizenship bug.

Working On

-Working on adding a detailed Professions description. 

-Working on adding a duration to Actions.

-Working on improving NPC dialogues.

-Working on improving Mercantile Dock mechanics.

-Working on adding new objects and items.

-Working on improving the configuration of My Places and Floors panels.

-Working on improving the Fast Travel panel.

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