POLITY - V2.0.0: Changelog


[2.0.0] - 2023-01-04 


-Added a new display for collecting items.

-Added remaining time to Action animations. 

-Added Particle System to Graphics Options.

-Added dimensional differences on Animations list.

-Added a display of rewards when leveling up for Citizenship.


-Improved some buttons.

-Improved a feature on Map.

-Improved some camera angles.

-Improved appearance of Quest Panel.

-Improved features in Changing Room.

-Improved the Hints on the loading screen.

-Improved a feature on University panel.

-Improved some features on Level Up panel.

-Improved Places arrangements on buildings.

-Improved duration of animations and tools.

-Improved displays of fertilizers by tree types.

-Improved some features on Contribution Requirements.

-Improved features on Material Details closing system.

-Improved optimization of Forester Focus tree selection.

-Improved displays of fertilizers and catering management.

-Improved adjustments according to resolution on University panel.


-Removed unrelated objects from Character Selection.

-Removed change server dropdown from Account settings.


-Fixed Map-related bugs.

-Fixed a bug on level bar.

-Fixed scroll-related bugs.

-Fixed sound-related bugs.

-Fixed grid-related bugs.

-Fixed notification-related bugs.

-Fixed rotation-related bugs.

-Fixed a bug on Quest panel.

-Fixed a bug in Shops.

-Fixed bugs on Contest panel.

-Fixed a bug in Changing Room.

-Fixed some quest-related bugs.

-Fixed a bug on Honey Extractor.

-Fixed the bug on Level Up panel.

-Fixed bugs on Exploration Reward.

-Fixed a bug on Feature Update.

-Fixed a bug on Country Info.

-Fixed a bug on Handitem animation on Actions list.

-Fixed a bug on Construction completion.

-Fixed the bug on Contribution Requirements.

-Fixed a bug on button Profile Edit.

-Fixed a bug on Autologin about Version control.

-Fixed a bug on Product Trial System in Tool Shop.

-Fixed a bug on Forgot Password’s loading indicator.


-Working on improving NPCs dialogues.

-Working on NPCs' character developments.

-Working on improving in-game translations.

-Working on adding a detailed Professions description.

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