POLITY - v2.1.0: Changelog


[2.1.0] - 2023-01-18


-Added Politics tab in IDPhone.

-Added an icon to Support President Button.

-Added Redeem Code Panel.


-Improved the Customization Panel, button location and color.

-Improved Voice Chat.

-Improved Country Message notification.

-Improved the Create New Account section colors.

-Improved IDPhone.

-Improved Location Info Panel.

-Improved Places tab in the Profile Panel.

-Improved Lobby Panel.

-Improved Fast Travel Panel.

-Improved various Quest-related panels.

-Improved Notifications.

-Improved pressure-control quest for clarity.


-Removed E-citizen tab.


-Fixed bugs in Shopping Panel.

-Fixed bugs in Actions.

-Fixed Facebook login issues.

-Fixed the Quest accepting bug causing accepting the same quest twice.

-Fixed the bug in Message Panel.

-Fixed the bug in Profession Introductions Panel.

-Fixed bugs in Dialogues.

-Fixed bugs in Map Icons.

-Fixed a bug in Customization Panel.

-Fixed a bug in the profession complex panels.

-Fixed bugs in Lobby Panel.

-Fixed a bug in the ‘You Became President’ notification panel.

-Fixed the bug on tree cutting in mobile platforms.

-Fixed a bug in Hardware Shop.

-Fixed a bug in Greeter.

-Fixed the bug about being stuck in walls.

-Fixed the bug in Mill.

-Fixed the bug in Trash Can causing problems in Decoration Panel.

-Fixed the bug in Stalls and Backpack interaction.

-Fixed the bug causing items to enter a loading process indefinitely.

-Fixed a bug in Achievements.

-Fixed a bug in Waypoint.

-Fixed bugs in Fast Travel Panel.

-Fixed the bug in items’ remaining time.

-Fixed a bug in Workbenches.

Working On

-Working on adding animation to Greeter.

-Working on adding Bot icons to Map.

-Working on progress bugs in quests.

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