POLITY - v2.1.5: Changelog


[2.1.5] - 2023-02-02


-Added Early Access to the Login Screen.

-Added new names for the Mangrove Continents.

-Added new map icons.


-Improved Level Up panel.

-Improved some in-game concepts.


-Fixed quest-related bug.

-Fixed level-related bug.

–Fixed scale-related bug.

-Fixed sound-related bug.

-Fixed door-related bug.

-Fixed a bug on blocking users.

-Fixed message-related bugs.

-Fixed a bug in Security App.

-Fixed a bug in connecting accounts.

-Fixed backpack-related bug.

-Fixed a bug on toggles.

-Fixed a bug on tooltips.

-Fixed a bug on shopping.

-Fixed a bug on cloths.

-Fixed a bug on Friends List.

-Fixed objects-related issues.

-Fixed XP-related issues.

-Fixed icon-related bugs.

-Fixed a bug on Diamond purchase FAQ.

-Fixed a bug on order amount.

-Fixed a bug on Loading Screen.

-Fixed a bug on Focus Mode.

-Fixed a bug on buying Property. 

-Fixed a bug on collectible XP and Poin.

-Fixed a bug on Focus Mode pop-up.

-Fixed a bug on Quest/Order list.

-Fixed price-related bug.

-Fixed a bug on Map’s filter.

-Fixed camera-related bugs.

-Fixed scroll-related bugs.

-Fixed gift box-related bug.

-Fixed error-related bugs.

-Fixed some visual bugs.

-Fixed text-related issues.

-Fixed some bugs on machines.

-Fixed a bug on shop objects.

-Fixed button-related bugs.

-Fixed a bug on chat balloons.

-Fixed notification-related bugs.

-Fixed a bug related to handcraft.

-Fixed a bug in the exchange panel icon.

-Fixed a bug on quests related to language change.

-Fixed a bug in the names of the collectible items.

Working On

-Working on adding animation to Greeter.

-Working on adding Bot icons to Map.

-Working on localization.

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