POLITY - V2.1.6: Changelog


[2.1.6] - 2023-03-03


-Added Quest Icon to NPCs.

-Added a temporary Delete Avatar feature.

-Added Drag&Drop to throw items to the ground.


-Improved content and dynamics of some quests.

-Improved text font sizes in various places.

-Improved toggles.

-Improved dialogues.

-Improved Waypoint arrow.

-Improved Construction panel.

-Improved Orders.

-Improved Politics panel.

-Improved confirm button on New Message Group panel.

-Improved cursor.

-Improved the location of Pick Avatar button.

-Improved quest order.

-Improved icons in the Banker panels.

-Improved text fields.

-Improved Tax dynamics.

-Improved Material Details.


-Removed Choose Server option from login screen.

-Removed animations from unpinned quest buildings.


-Fixed a bug related to Map Icons.

-Fixed bugs on Room Info panel.

-Fixed a bug on Purchase panels.

-Fixed a bug on Animation Shop panel.

-Fixed a bug on Customization screen.

-Fixed bugs on Profile and Level Bar.

-Fixed a bug on Location Info.

-Fixed a bug related to UI scale.

-Fixed bugs on Block system.

-Fixed a bug on Diamond Shop.

-Fixed a bug on Private Messages.

-Fixed a bug on Building animatons.

-Fixed bugs related to quests.

-Fixed bugs in moving between complexes.

-Fixed a bug in drop animations.

-Fixed a bug on changing platforms.

-Fixed bugs on Politics panel.

-Fixed bugs related to Item names.

-Fixed a bug in Hand Items.

-Fixed bugs on Material Details.

-Fixed the bug in Metro.

-Fixed a bug on Notifications.

-Fixed bugs in Group message.

-Fixed bugs on Error notifications.

-Fixed a bug on Friendship requests.

-Fixed a bug on Citizens panel in Country Settings.

-Fixed bugs in Create Account.

-Fixed a bug on Level Up panel.

-Fixed a bug in Redeem Code.

-Fixed a bug in Delete Account.

-Fixed a bug in Banker dynamics.

-Fixed a bug on Login screen.

Working On

-Working on improving Block system.

-Working on improving dialogues.

-Working on improving Interactive Cursor.

-Working on improving the Quest system.

-Working on improving Tasks panel.

-Working on adding Input and Output device options for Voice Chat.

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