POLITY - V2.1.7: Changelog


[2.1.7] - 2023-03-15


 -Added vehicle system.

-Added device selection to Audio settings.


-Improved Product prices.

-Improved Waypoint arrow.

-Improved Quest panel.

-Improved Quests.

-Improved Dialogues.

-Improved Places tab in Profile panel.

-Improved Quest arrow.

-Improved NPCs.

-Improved Cursor.

-Improved Orders.

-Improved Contribution panel.

-Improved Contribution Requirements tab.


-Removed Country from Personal Information.

-Removed Conversation Info from private messages.

-Removed Hide Walls from Focus mode at the outside.


-Fixed a bug on Orders.

-Fixed bugs on Banker.

-Fixed bugs on Quest panel.

-Fixed a bug on Production Machines.

-Fixed a bug on Avatar Selection.

-Fixed a bug on Inventory.

-Fixed a bug on Profession XP.

-Fixed bugs on Chat dialogues.

-Fixed a bug on Barman.

-Fixed bugs in For Sale places.

-Fixed a bug on pinning Quests on Map.

-Fixed bugs on added features.

-Fixed a bug on Map.

-Fixed bugs on Feature updates.

-Fixed a bug on Quest waypoints.

-Fixed a bug on Login screen.

-Fixed a bug on Dialogue answers. 

-Fixed a bug related to Ship animation.

-Fixed a bug on Profile panel.

-Fixed bugs on Security App quest.

-Fixed a bug on Greeter quest.

Working On

-Working on adding Map icons.

-Working on adding new Mini-games.

-Working on adding new items.

-Working on improving Leaderboard.

-Working on improving Friends.

-Working on improving Ticket system.

-Working on improving existing Mini-games.

-Working on improving Secure-account.

-Working on fixing bugs related to UI Scale.

-Working on fixing a bug on Mill.

-Working on fixing bugs on Trade.

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