POLITY - V2.1.8: Changelog


[2.1.8] - 2023-03-29


-Added Avatar Display to the Interface. 

-Added Candidates as a new app to IDPhone.


-Improved Quest Details.

-Improved Ticket system.

-Improved Leaderboard.

-Improved Friends Slots.

-Improved Secure Account.

-Improved Decorating Shop.


- Removed Escape (ESC) from Quest-Related dialogues.


-Fixed an issue with Cursor.

-Fixed an issue on Level Info.

-Fixed an issue with Backpack.

-Fixed an issue with Polity Bank.

-Fixed an issue on Leaderboard.

-Fixed an issue related to visuals.

-Fixed issues in Decorating Shop.

-Fixed an issue related to Avatars.

-Fixed an issue with Chat Balloons.

-Fixed issues with Selecting Avatar.

-Fixed an issue with Chat.

-Fixed an issue with Friends.

-Fixed issues related to Map.

-Fixed issues related to NPCs.

-Fixed an issue with Waypoint.

-Fixed issues related to Quests.

-Fixed an issue with Cloth Shop.

-Fixed issues related to Objects.

-Fixed issues related to Settings.

-Fixed issues related to UI Scale.

-Fixed issues related to Messages.

-Fixed issues related to Dialogues.

-Fixed issues related to User Interface.

-Fixed an issue with Language Setting.

-Fixed an issue with Feature Animations.

-Fixed issues related to Camera Settings.

-Fixed an issue related to President’s Quests.

-Fixed an issue on Barman (NPC) related to visuals.

-Fixed an issue on Farming Field and Lumber Machine.

-Fixed an issue on Banker (NPC) related to Citizen Fund and Transaction.

Working On

-Working on adding new items.

-Working on fixing bugs on Trade.

-Working on adding Island system.

-Working on adding new Mini-Games.

-Working on improving the quest structure.

-Working on improving existing Mini-Games.

-Working on improving the dialogue of NPCs.

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