POLITY - V2.2.0: Changelog


[2.2.0] - 2023-04-12


-Added new Mini-Games.

-Added a new Feature Animation.

-Added Rewards on Quest Details.

-Added new Daily-Repetable Quests.

-Added a Though Balloon on Avatars.

-Added a new Gift Opening animation.


-Improved Travel Pier.

-Improved Candidates.

-Improved Mini-Games.

-Improved Quest Panel.

-Improved Notifications.

-Improved Visual Interface.

-Improved Planet Interface.

-Improved Subway Interface.

-Improved the Quest structure.

-Improved swiftness of Animations.

-Improved some placements of Features.


-Fixed issues related to Quests.

-Fixed an issue with Voice Chat.

-Fixed an issue with Avatar Profiles.

-Fixed issues related to Quests Steps.

Working On

-Working on adding new items.

-Working on fixing bugs on Trade.

-Working on adding Island system.

-Working on improving the quest structure.

-Working on improving the dialogue of NPCs.

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