POLITY - V2.4.0: Changelog


[2.4.0] - 2023-05-24


-Added Mini-Games to Main Quest Structure.

-Added Side Quests and Daily-Repeatable Quests to Florist (NPC).


-Improved Notifications.

-Improved NPC Dialogues.

-Improved some UI Design.

-Improved the Quest structure.

-Improved Highlights on Quests.

-Improved Daily-Repetable Quests.

-Improved Level Bar by professions.

-Improved dialogues of some of the NPCs.

-Improved Achievements Quests and their Badges.

-Improved Strengthening Security and Security First’s Mini-Game.


-Removed Highlights on some Quests.


-Fixed an issue with Level Bar.

-Fixed issues related to Quests.

-Fixed an issue related to Lobbies.

-Fixed issues related to Dialogues.

-Fixed an issue related to Objects.

-Fixed an issue with Market Stalls.

-Fixed issues related to Furnitures.

-Fixed issues related to Highlights.

-Fixed issues related to Focus Mode.

-Fixed issues related to Quests Steps.

-Fixed issues related to Quest Arrows.

-Fixed an issue with Keyboard on Mobile V.

-Fixed an issue with Zoom Out on Mobile V.

-Fixed an issue with Escape (ESC) on Politics.

-Fixed an issue with the Pin of Dock Contest.

-Fixed an issue with Notifications on Mobile V.

-Fixed an issue with Random Name Generator.

-Fixed an issue with Time for Contribute Quest.

-Fixed an issue related to Decoration Catalogue.

-Fixed issues related to Farming profession Quests.

-Fixed issues related to the Pin of the crafted blueprints'.

-Fixed an issue with Room Messages while being President.

-Fixed an issue with Lumber Machine of Forestry profession.

-Fixed issues with Archivist (NPC), Cashier (NPC), Janitor (NPC), and Banker (NPC).

Working On

-Working on adding new items.

-Working on adding Island system.

-Working on improving UI/UX Design.

-Working on adding new Mini-Games.

-Working on improving the quest structure.

-Working on improving the dialogue of NPCs.

-Working on adding a new structure to Achievement Quests.

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