Explore a New World
& Create Your Own Destiny

A utopian planet called Blue Dot-2 (BD-2) was discovered by an AI-powered spaceship, JP-01G. The AI system called Snotra collected data about this mysterious planet: BD-2 is mostly covered with water with mysterious Mangrove Continents but there is no sign of life, or is it? Snotra who recently gained a kind of consciousness creates a new world for the memories and dreams of humankind.

This is where your journey begins. You will find your own path while exploring this mysterious planet, and you may even discover what happened to the old world of ours. Come and start to explore the world of Polity!


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Key Elements

Explore a Mysterious World

BD-2 is a large and diverse ocean-based planet with only solid grounds on the Mangrove Continents and Islets placed by Snotra.

Create Your Own Destiny

In Polity, you are free to choose your own path. You can be a farmer, forester, or anything else you want to be. The possibilities are endless.

Work Together or Compete

You can choose to work together with other players, compete against them, or simply socialize and build a community. The choice is yours.

Build a Better World

Polity is a game about hope and possibilities. You can help to build a better world for yourself and for future generations.

Achieve and Discover

Discover the secrets of Blue Dot-2, the stories of the droids and the history of a new civilization.

Become a Merchant

Trading is a fun way to acquire new things. You can buy and sell items from other players, or barter your own goods for theirs.