A World Beyond
Your Wildest Imagination

Dive into the enigmatic depths of Blue Dot-2, a sprawling ocean-based planet adorned with the Mangrove Continents and Islets placed by Snotra, offering you a vast and ever-changing world to explore. The heart of our haven is besieged by a sinister virus, transforming all it touches into horrific amalgamations of zombie-like droids.

Polity is a compelling and immersive multiplayer game, giving you the freedom to create your own destiny. You choose your path, craft your existence, and harness a diverse array of survival skills. As the colonies evolve, new skills emerge, and the possibilities are limitless.

Will you choose to collaborate with fellow colonists, compete against them, or establish a close-knit community? The power is in your hands, and the choice is yours. Join forces with others to build a brighter world, not only for yourself but for future generations. Shape the destiny of Blue Dot-2, where every decision you make has a lasting impact.


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Key Elements

Explore a Mysterious World

BD-2 is a large and diverse ocean-based planet with only solid grounds on the Mangrove Continents and Islets placed by Snotra.

Create Your Own Destiny

In Polity, you are free to choose your own path. You can master skills like farming, foraging, or anything else you want to be. The possibilities are endless.

Work Together or Compete

You can choose to work together with other players, compete against them, or simply socialize and build a community. The choice is yours.

Build a Better World

Polity is a game about hope and possibilities. You can help to build a better world for yourself and for future generations.

Achieve and Discover

Discover the secrets of Blue Dot-2, the stories of the droids and the history of an old civilization.

Become a Trader

In-game trading is a fun way to acquire new resources essential for survival. You can buy and sell items from other players, or barter your own goods for theirs.