Polity Online

Introducing the Brand New Journey

A mysterious planet called Blue Dot 2 (BD-2) is explored by an AI-powered spaceship, JP-01G. The AI system, Snotra, collects data about this mysterious planet: It is mostly covered with water, but there is no sign of life. Snotra determines to establish a new civilization on BD-2: New countries are waiting for their citizens and presidents.

Here is where your journey begins. During this journey, you will find your path while exploring BD-2. Come and start to explore the world of Polity!

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Key Elements


A planet discovered by Snotra, the AI System of JP-01, in the Milky Way, located close to Procyon, the binary star system.

Become a Citizen of a Country!

Everyone is born as a citizen, but later becomes a citizen of a specific country they desire. Choose a starting point to begin your journey.

President and Founder!

Here is the big responsibility: To meet the citizens’ needs or not, to create harmony for their sake or create chaos to maintain absolute power.

The way of building your Statue!

The life we live seems infinite, but it is all about the infinity of our choices, the way to leave a trace on BD-2 to be remembered as a trailblazer.