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Polity is a casual cross-platform MMORPG set in a dynamic, player-driven world.


Get ready to play: Discover the Gameplay

World Building


Avatar Customization

Resource Management

Puzzle Solving

Compete or Cooperate

Polity is a casual friendly MMORPG with lots of skills to master.

Presidents serve as the leaders of their colonies, tasked with ensuring its ongoing progress.

Develop your colony with new buildings

They gather funds from citizens through donations and taxes, which they can later spend on expanding their colonies with new buildings or platforms.

Keep economy intact

Presidents also have the freedom to decorate every corner of their colonies to their liking!

Farmers cultivate crops and trees within their own greenhouses.

Buy a green house

In addition to fruits and vegetables, they can also produce plant-based or semi-plant-based materials such as flour, coffee, honey, and more.

Produce and collect

Farming products are primarily utilized in cooking, making them highly sought after by every colonist to keep their energy high.

Foresters roam the outdoors, harvesting trees and gathering materials.

Explore and cut trees

They then process these raw materials in their workshops, transforming them into lumber, coal, resin, plastic, and more.

Complete orders to earn poin

These products are primarily used for construction, making them essential for every expanding colony.

We are going to add new skill every 3 months after release. These are coming soon, wait for the next update.


Interior Designer

Cafe Management


Airport Management

Fashion Designer

Dock Management

Balancing wealth: Learn about our Game's Economy

Free to play

Learn new skills and earn in game currency to advance your path.

Buy diamonds

Diamonds can be used to buy cosmetics in the game.

Buy story modes chapters

Play first chapter for free, buy if you like to see more.

Buy a founder certificate

Found your own colony and become president, call your friends to compete with others.

Fight for presidency

You can also become president for free, but it is hard to keep.

Exchange poins for diamonds

If you work really hard you do not need to pay anything at all.


Get a glimpse of the action with immersive in-game screenshots

Blue Dot 2


Rusty Lab



Forestry Workshop

Moxi Club

Camping Ground


Explore the characters

Meet the Folk of our game!


President of Platform Factory, Manager at Consortium

Eva is the most beloved leader of Blue Dot 2. She dedicated herself to ensuring the happiness and well-being of the colonists, tirelessly working to make their lives easier. She is always there to help newcomers and teach them the ways of the planet.


The Rebel

Vira is a member of a rebellious group called Outcry, uprising against the Consortium’s rule. With fierce determination, she challenges the history they've been told and no rule can get in the way of her search for truth.

Prof. Judy

Researcher at A.R.C.

Judy is known for her quirky personality and radical experiments among the colonists. Although some consider her crazy, she is still widely recognized as one of the most esteemed scientists on Blue Dot 2.


Head Chief at Platform Factory

Fred is a world-famous chef, renowned for his exceptional skills and exquisite restaurants. Now he is reluctantly engaged in charitable work, feeding the hungry workers of Platform Factory. When he is out of the kitchen, he's teaching new colonists how to cook with a tongue as sharp as his knife.


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