Media & Press Kit

If you're a member of the press, a YouTube or Twitch content creator, or a small blogger, this page is for you! Here you can access screenshots, logos, key artwork and all the information you need. Feel free to contact us if you need any help.

1. General Info

2. Key Artwork

2.1 Logos

Statue Logo 512x512

Statue Logo 512x512 Alpha

Statue Logo 1024x1024

Statue Logo 1024x1024 Alpha

Statue-Text Logo

Text Only Logo

Jib Logo


2.2 Screenshots

2.3 Characters

2.4 Videos

3. About Polity

3.1 Short Description

Polity is a casual cross-platform MMORPG set in a dynamic, player-driven world. Players have the opportunity to govern colonies, join other colonies, explore the world, uncover the lore or master diverse skills such as farming, forestry, fishing etc. With a wide variety of features such as quests, achievements, puzzles, mini-games, and crafting, along with extensive customization options, Polity encourages players to forge their own path and create their own unique journey within its expansive virtual realm.

3.2 Long Description

Welcome to Polity!

Hop aboard the hoverpod and journey to Blue Dot 2! Discovered by Snotra, an ultra-advanced AI crafted by the benevolent minds of Earth, this planet shines with promise! Tasked with colonizing new worlds to spread human wisdom and values across the cosmos, Snotra has created humans and droids to populate the planet and has overseen the birth of a society mirroring Earth's own.

Guiding her people for centuries, Snotra has now stepped back, allowing them to flourish independently. Together, humans and droids keep working toward the perfect utopia she once envisioned. Will you join them, lending your hand to forge a brighter future while carving out your own place on the planet? Blue Dot 2 is waiting for you!

Show Your Style

Customize your sim character and create the perfect avatar of your imagination. Unleash your inner fashion designer with a huge variety of clothes and accessories.

Master New Skills

Learn various skills and practice your craft in your personal profession workshop. Advance through the deep crafting system to produce valuable products and build a trading empire.

Play Puzzles and Mini-Games

Take quests and earn rewards by playing dozens of unique puzzles and mini-games.

Get Popular in Town

Chat with other players and express yourself in a variety of ways such as animations, emojis, chat balloons, and profile images. Make new friends and create your own chat groups.

Explore the World

Discover the vast planet of BD2, filled with thousands of unique islands and hundreds of NPCs. Follow a year-long story as new locations unlock monthly, and search for answers to the world’s biggest mysteries.

Decorate Your Place

Decorate your house, shop, or workshop with an extensive selection of furniture. You can own multiple places at once to unleash your creativity to its fullest. You can even establish your own colony and design all cities and buildings however you wish!

See you in BD2!

4. About Jib Games

We are a pioneering MMO game development company based in Istanbul, specializing in iOS, Android, and Steam. Our mission is to revolutionize education and entertainment through immersive gaming experiences.
Currently, we are focused on developing Polity, an innovative platform where players can excel in various professions within an open virtual world. Polity integrates popular casual games into a cohesive experience, making education fun and accessible for all ages.
At JIB Games, we pride ourselves on quality and innovation. Our talented team works tirelessly to create remarkable gaming experiences. Join us at JIB Games, where learning meets adventure.

5. Contact Us