POLITY - v1.2.0: Changelog


[1.2.0] - 2022-07-20


-Added a new toggle sound.

-Added new walking, running, and sitting styles in the Animation Shop.


-Improved the Large size in the UI Scale (Settings> User Interface> UI Scale> Large).  

-Improved the Waypoint action on the Map.

-Improved the Country Setting with minor UI changes.

-Improved the many UI features by adding a new button style and revising the order.

-Improved the Room Settings panel by moving it to the right side.

-Improved the Lobby panel.

-Improved the notification color (Red to Yellow).


-Removed the Chat button on the Customization Screen.


-Fixed the bug in the sound of moving objects in the Decorating Mode. 

-Fixed minor bugs in the Map (especially waypoint-related ones and map icons).

-Fixed the bug in the Mercantile Dock Contest product count.

-Fixed the bug in the duration of products in the Hair Salon Shop.

-Fixed the bug in the Pharmacy Building Construction Materials count.

-Fixed the bug in the City Shop after adding a new platform.

-Fixed the bug in the Location Info.

-Fixed the bug in making changes in the Tax System.

-Fixed the bug that is related to the Menu that affects the Chat button’s position.

-Fixed the bug that occurred by clicking on the Action button and Customization. 

-Fixed the bug that occurred by typing count on the Cart section in the Shop. 

-Fixed the bug in the Animation Shop.

-Fixed the bug in the Order Board.

-Fixed the bug that occurred when copying the present tree.

-Fixed the bug in newly added animations.

-Fixed minor bugs in the Mercantile Dock, the University, and the Movie Theater. 

-Fixed the bug in the Trade.

-Fixed the bug in the Chat button.

Working On

-Working on developing the NPC quests.

-Working on testing new features that were added to the Governing System.

-Working on the balance system of the Presidency and Citizenship to improve the game dynamic.

-Working on Profession Levels and a temporary solution for the high-level players until new levels arrive.

-Working on a new craft machine.

-Working on the quest system and its variety to get to the in-game world.

-Working on more UI animations.

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